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5000 Miles
Title: 5000 Miles
Summery: Mary-Lynette travels to Las Vegas to see Ash
Spoilers: Night world series
Disclaimer: All characters belong to LJ Smith
Mary-Lynette Carter had never been a fan of hyperbole, or exaggeration but as she sank onto the soft bed, she was sure that if she took another step her legs would fall off. It seemed as if she had been walking for days and all she wanted to do now was sleep.
She leaned against the pillows, letting the smooth, softness of the material seep into her weary bones and to support her weight. It felt good. Heavenly even.
She stared at the ceiling, trying to force down the helpless excitement that bubbled up within her.
She hadn't known, standing in her yard all those months ago how hard it would be, she had been niave, she hadn't fully grasped the meaning of soulmates then. She had been too focused on the horror of Jeremy's death, of her own fear of what was out there, in Ash and, in herself.
But the summer was over, the choice had been taken
:iconkhaleen:khaleen 5 2
Pictures of you and me by khaleen Pictures of you and me :iconkhaleen:khaleen 2 0
Fic:Shrine JE Spoilers
Title: The shrine
Summery: At the end of the universe the doctor finds a shrine
Spoilers: Season 4 espcially season finale
Disclaimer: All characters belong to the BBC
He had come to the far reaches of the galaxy to hide from his pain.
The temple was a retreat for those wishing to escape a harsh galaxy. The walls were painted a soft cream and in the distance a soft voice sung a tuneless song. Every inch was dedicated to care and relaxation.
The Doctor walked, something he seemed to be doing alot lately. His restless energy was replaced by the monotonous grind of putting one foot in front of the other.
Eight months had not eased the pain of losing Donna, he at least had the comfort of knowing that Rose would be happy with his clone, that Martha would excel at her job and that Jack would put torchwood back together with his team.
But Donna was another faceless human in a packed world, she would never know how proud he was of her.  How deep the depths of his regret
:iconkhaleen:khaleen 0 0
Title: Connection
Summery: Jag searches for connections in his life
Spoilers: Exile
rating: PG
Disclaimer: Characters belong to George Lucas I am just playing
Jagged Fel.
The man who had once been Jag Fel stared into the mirror and wondered just who he was now. What he had said to Luke Skywalker had been correct, he was as much twin suns three as anything else. He was no longer Jag Fel, son of Baron Soontir Fel.
It was a mistake to think of his family, and almost instantly pain shafted through his stomach, making him clutch at the basin in the fresher.
He could think of no greater punishment, to know your family was alive and be barred from them forever, to wonder aimlessly about the galaxy in hopes of redemption, and knowing it would be forever out of your grasp.
The mock competition with Zekk had surprised him. Certainly he had always been competitive with Zekk, knowing that he shared both Jaina's childhood and her gifts as a Jedi, but he had believed that he could distance himself f
:iconkhaleen:khaleen 0 0
I'm supposed to be smart
I'm supposed to know
but when I write nobody knows
what I mean, what I say
why the words bounce on the page
They say they will help
but they don't understand
why I am tired
Why I'm giving up
Because you can't understand me
and I can't change
so were trapped on this ride
with no end in sight
So I am angry and you are disapointed
but this isn't a choice i'm given
If you think its difficult to teach
It's harder to learn
please don't preach
because it makes no difference to me
:iconkhaleen:khaleen 40 33
Hard truths
Title: Hard Truths
Author: Firedancersoul
Fandom: Star Wars
Medium: Comic/Movie
Genre: Angst
Theme: V for Vex
Rating: PG 13 for themes of force choking and language
Disclaimer: All characters belong to George Lucas and Jan Duursema and John Ostrander
He doesn't love you" Skorr's voice was like a whip, leaving her bleeding as she clutched at her throat, dragging aching breaths into her as she lay against the counter of the stingy bar. She wanted to lash out and deny it and she heard her own voice, defiant despite being barely audible
"Quin loves me! He loves me"
But her own denial rang in her ears. Hadn't she told herself the exact same thing every night as she lay cold and lonely beside Quin. Hadn't it been beaten into her skull by now? By Tholme? Aayla? Dooku? Damn even Quinlan had said it.
Skorr was still smirking and she wanted to ram her fist as hard as she could into that ugly face, her whole body hummed with the need to kick and hit and to do violence,right now. But she couldn't,
:iconkhaleen:khaleen 0 2
The bigger picture
Disclaimers: All characters belong to LJSmith, this is just a fanfic
Ash wondered the lonely, dark hallways of Theirry's mansion until he heard a soft voice call to him. Senses alert he spun, only to see Theirry standing in the doorway. Ash slowly let his guard down-and his disopointment. He was used to speaking with Hannah.
Hannah had become his confidant, always believed in him-and assured him that Mary-Lynette was doing the same. He held on-desperatly sometimes, to the idea that Hannah and Theirry had waited hundreds of years to be together, all he had to do was wait a year.
But Hannah was an old soul; Mary-Lynette wasn't.
He only had the one chance to make it right.
One year to make a difference.
A year that was coming to a close surprisingly fast, and he still had no more of an idea of how to redeem himself now then he had almost a year ago when he had stood in Mary-Lynette's yard and waved goodbye.
"Ash, we need to speak about Mary-Lynette" Theirry said.
"I told you everything"
:iconkhaleen:khaleen 1 2
salt water
Title:  Salt water
Author/Artist: firedancersoul
Pairing: Siri Tachi/Obi Wan Kenobi
Fandom: Star wars
Theme: #29 the sound of waves
Disclaimer: All characters belong to George Lucas, this is just a fanfiction I do not own these characters
Written for the 30kisses challange
Siri felt the spray wash over her skin, leaving goosebumps in their wake. She drew her tunic closer to her body. The waves crashed along the beach and Siri drew further back. The water grew bigger and bigger, dwarfing out the sun and the sky and the light. Siri wrapped herself in the living force, tried to merge herself with the sky and the beach under her feet, but each time the sound of the waves crashing along the beach startled her from her meditation.
She glared at the sea, why couldn't it be silent and calm,the sound smashed into her and made her unsteady of her feet, although she and Obi Wan were far enough away to be safe.
Her ears soaked in the sound, the music had been set hundreds of thousands of
:iconkhaleen:khaleen 4 2
one night by khaleen one night :iconkhaleen:khaleen 6 5
Part of the background
Title: Part of the background
Author: Firedancersoul
Disclaimer: Characters belong to George Lucas and Jan Duursema and John Ostrander
Fandom:Star wars
Characters:Quinlan Vos and Khaleen Hentz
Theme:(l) is for (inelecutable)
Warnings:Slight AU Spoilers for sacrifice and #77 (Khaleen didn't know Quin was a Jedi)
Author's Notes: Aayla exposes Quinlan and Khaleen has gone, but for Quinlan she is everywhere and he can't escape
It was strangely empty without her.
The thought stole through Quinlan's meditation so fleetingly that he barely processed it, but somehow his mind has stored it and now it was all he could think about.
His life had become such a jumble of lies and confusion and he hadn't even been aware of it until Aayla had appeared and reminded him that he wasn't Korto Vos, but Quinlan Vos.
A Jedi Knight.
And a Jedi knight did not cavort around with a theif that barely had enough clothes to cover her body. He knew tha
:iconkhaleen:khaleen 0 0
Starting from scratch
Characters belong to George Lucas and Jude Watson
She never would have thought it would be him.
She knew that Obi Wan Kenobi was stubborn and angry and ambitious, but she never once thought he would leave the Jedi...that he could be responsible for another apprentice's death.
But maybe that was why he had been sent to the Agri corps in the first place-he had not been chosen by a Master. Maybe they saw something in him that made them doubt, made them think he could turn to the darkside.
Siri stared down into her meal, the questions had been buzzing around her head all day-and she suspected they were in everyone else's mind as well. The Temple being under seige was not helping her concentration.
She remembered Obi Wan's face in the corridor, how stricken he had been. Things were returning to normal now but still Siri could not shake the look on Obi Wan's face. She didn't know what had happened on Melida/Daan, no one did, but something had changed in Obi Wan. He was more fragile now, he h
:iconkhaleen:khaleen 5 2
Siri Tachi by khaleen Siri Tachi :iconkhaleen:khaleen 10 6
Insiration flows like a tap.
Sometimes in a rush, eager to go somewhere, to be fully formed
other times slow, deliberate, thoughtful, unsure.
My inspiration comes often at night
carving an uneven path through sleepy thoughts
half formed, half created by a lethargic brain.
My inspiration comes at her own pace
days and days of white paper and no ink.
Other days ink but no paper.
Heedless of my frustration.
Words and images that I have never experienced or touched
but they are real.
Sometimes with the sharpness of a teacher, I learn, always.
My inspiration is always in progress. I understand only part of
what I have created.
But I keep on learning.
And my inspiration keeps on flowing.
Sometimes in a rush and sometimes quietly.
I just have to listen.
:iconkhaleen:khaleen 120 23
Ballet shoes
She always remembered the dancing.
Even when the studio's details had become lost in the hazy expanse of her memory.
She always remembered the dancing.
Not her own dancing, she was neither gifted nor talented, but she loved it. Loved watching dance. It was what she was, and whether she had the talent to perform was irrelevant.
She remembered the other girl's dancing. Fluid lines and perfect fingers and good turnout.
She remembered the wood floor, that would tilt as she walked across, the soft whisper of her ballet shoes, how she would count beats to the groaning floor that seemed to buoy her up, giving her extra lift.
She remembered the thrill she got whenever she put her shoes on. The smooth, silken lines and the gentle caress of silk on her legs. The little creaks in the material as she tested her feet. Point and flex. Point and flex. Point and flex. In ballet shoes her whole leg was graceful and elegant, obeying her orders, at least for a while.
But it didn't matter. Dance took her
:iconkhaleen:khaleen 0 2

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